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Clear goals and avoid detours!

Architecture Design

A good architectural design is very important for a game project!
A well-structured and logical project can save the team a lot of time and cost.

Tool Development

Tools can reduce the time consumption caused by repetitive work and ensure the correct rate.

Team Efficiency

Whether it is architectural design or the use of tools, the ultimate goal is for the team to complete the project better.


Use tools effectively to make your work more efficiently

RocketDriver Pro

RocketDriver Pro is a game framework for Unity engine.


Export Excel data according to templates. Supports multiple data formats and any programming language. Multi-OS support.


Synchronize, copy, and delete files via configuration, a powerful tool for multi-workspace collaboration. Multi-OS support.


Data archiving tool base on SVN. Supports full archiving and diff archiving. Multi-OS support.


Resize pictures by scale or size, support for configuration, batch processing. Multi-OS support.


Split images by fixed size or number. Support large resolution images. Support regularized naming. Multi-OS support.


Clean up images in the catalog with pixels that match the criteria.

About Me

Do Something Meaningful

For me, development is interesting. When the computer is powered on, it can turn an idea into a real work.
Elegant, so elegant!
Just one championship away.

Experience Timeline

The long life, youth but only a small part.

  • Meaningful


    Unity Game Development Engineer

    Do something meaningful
    Work hard…

  • HTML5


    HTML5 Game Development Engineer

    Finish a lot of HTML game projects.
    Most are moderate or heavy of game.

  • Aola


    Game Development Engineer

    Worked for Guangzhou Baitian Information Technology Co.,Ltd., As a Game Development Engineer, serving the Aola Team. It was an important time for me to consolidate my technical foundation.

  • Graduate

    July 2010


    Graduated from university in July 2010 and started professional career.

  • SCNU


    My College Life

    Studied at South China Normal University, Software Engineering.


Skills do not overwhelm your body!


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